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Franc Ferlin, MSc (Forestry)

Sustainable forestry expert


I received my Forestry BSc (1982) and MSc (1990) qualifications at the Biotechnical Faculty - Department of Forestry and Forest Renewable Resources in Ljubljana. My tutor was famous Professor Dr Dušan Mlinšek, one of the IUFRO presidents and the founder of ProSilva Europe. 


I have 36 years of forestry and forest related working experiences in the following fields: silviculture (operational, developmental, research, strategic and consulting); forest growth and dieback (research and strategic); silvcultural and forest management planning (operational and developmental); forest policy, legislation and strategic planning (developmental, decision-making, research and consulting), forestry organisation and institutions (developmental, decision-making, consulting and research), public forestry administration (developmental, decision-making, consulting and research), forestry sector economics (developmental), criteria and indicators for sustainable forest management (developmental and consulting), biodiversity indicators and monitoring systems (developmental), forest management certification (developmental and consulting), forest biodiversity conservation and Natura 2000 establishment and management (developmental, research and consulting).


My national experiences (21 year) arise from the following employments and engagements in Slovenia:

1) Public Forestry Enterprise Novo mesto, Management unit Straža (as silviculturirst and forest management planner) from 1982 - 1985;

2) University of Ljubljana, Biotechnical Faculty - Department of Forestry (as assistant teacher and researcher for forest management planning, forest growth and sylviculture) from 1985 - 1993;

3) Forestry High School of Postojna (as honorary teacher for Sylviculture) from 1986 - 1987; 

4) Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry of Slovenia (as state secretary and head of the forestry sector) from 1993 - 1997,

5) Slovenian Forestry Institute (as assistant director, forest researcher and expert) from 1997 - 2005;

6) Slovenia Forest Service (as president of its Management Council) from 2003 - 2007.


My international experiences (15 years) arise from the following employments and engagements:

1) EU PHARE project "Technical assistance to implementation of 1996 Bosnia and Herzegovina forestry programme", implemented by Prospect C&S and partners (as international forest policy and legislation expert), from 1999 - 2000;

2) UN FAO project "Forestry sector development in Serbia", implemented by FAO in cooperation with the Forest Administration of Serbia (as Chief technical adviser and project manager), from 2005 - 2008;

3) Netherlands Development Organisation (SNV) in Montenegro (as forestry sector leader, adviser and consultant), from 2008 - 2011;

4) EU TWINNING project “Further development of sustainable forest management in Kosovo", implemented by Oesterreichische Bundesforste AG (as short-term forest concession consultant) in 2012;

5) UN FAO project “Support to implementation of Forest Policy and Strategy in Kosovo", implemented by FAO in cooperation with the Kosovo ministerial Department of Forestry (as short-term forest management and legislation consultant), in 2013,

6) PEFC project “Mobilising and combining efforts for PEFC SFM certification in Balkan countries, pilot cases Bosnia & Herzegovina and Montenegro", implemented by PEFC Italy in cooperation with local partners (as short-term forestry consultant for development of  Montenegrin SFM standard), from 2012 - 2014;

7) Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development of Montenegro - Forestry Sector (as occasional forestry advisor to the Assistant Minister for forestry), from 2013 - 2014; 

8) SIDA project "Strengthening Sustainable Private and Decentralised Forestry", implemented by CNVP (Connecting Natural Values and People) Macedonia in 2014 (short-term consultancy for elaboration of Montenegrin forest sector background study) and 2016 (short-term consultancy for elaboration of Montenegrin private forest sector and related rural development recommendations for system changes' study);

9) SIDA project "Support to the implementation of the EU Birds and Habitats Directives in Bosnia and Herzegovina", implemented by Prospect C&S and partners (as short-term forestry and natural resource management expert), in 2014;

10) ) SIDA project "Sylvicultural treatment of young forests in Kosovo", implemented by Kosovo Forest Agency and monitored by Embassy of Sweden (as monitoring and support expert), in 2015;

11) EU IPA Serbia PLAC project "Approximation of FLEGT and EUTR regulations, in 2015;

12) EBRD Montenegro "Forestry, wood industry and renewable energy sectors" project in 2016 (implemented through ÖBF and  Steiermark Wood cluster); 

13) Slovenian Forestry reform concept study in 2016 (elaborated in voluntary way as a background for political consideration within a political party);

14) ADA & CENN Caucasus project "New institutional model for Ministry of environment and agriculture of Georgia and for restructuring of Georgian Forestry agency) in 2017;

15) PEFC Slovenia re-certification audit of regional forest management in 2018 (implemented as lead auditor through Bureau Veritas d.o.o., Slovenia);

16) WB MIDAS Montenegro "Forestry sector reform project" in 2017 (implemented as individual consultant), 2018 (implemented through GISS d.o.o. Slovenia) and 2019 (implemented as individual consultant); 

17) Other international forest expert and research events and activities (e.g. for IUFRO, WFC, MCPFE, UNECE, FAO, CEPF, CNVP, COST, Croatian Wood cluster etc.).

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Mensura Nuhodžić, BSc (Wood Technology and Forestry)

Social forestry expert and study tours guide


I received my first BSc qualification on Mechanical technology of wood processing at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Sarajevo (1992) and my second BSc on Forestry at the Forestry Faculty - Department of Wood processing in Belgrade (1995).


I have 24 years of working experiences, related to economic development and quality systems, wood processing, development of SMEs, entrepreneurship of women and youth, woody biomass and renewable energy use, forest and wood certification and particularly participatory / social forestry.


My experiences arise from the following employments and engagements in national and international organisations:

1) Fund for development of Montenegro (as consultant for economic development and quality systems) from 1996 - 1998;

2) Wood industry enterprise "Špiro Dacić" Bijeo Polje, Montenegro (as line manager for furniture production and implementation of ISO 9000) from 1998 - 2002;

3) GTZ (German Technical Cooperation) of Montenegro (as national consultant for development of wood processing industry) in 2002;

4) NGO "School that gives more", Montenegro (as trainer of young entrepreneurs, including business planning and marketing) in 2004;

5) Freelance (internal Montenegrin companies' monitor and reviewer of ISO 9000) in 2005;

6) Institution for Employment Bijelo Polje, Montenegro (as entrepreneurship trainer for un-employed people, including business planning and marketing) in 2005;

7) Agency for Development of SMEs in Montenegro, Business Centre (as advisor for development of SMEs) from 2002 - 2006;

8) SNV (Netherlands Development Organisation) Montenegro (as forestry associating, private and participatory forestry advisor) from 2006 - 2011);

9) SNV Montenegro (as forestry and renewable energy advisor) from 2011-2012;

10) UNDP (United Nations Development Program) Montenegro (as trainer and mentor of women's entrepreneurs) in 2013;

11) PEFC Italy (consultant for communication with stakeholders and development of national forest certification standard in Montenegro) from 2013 - 2014;

12) CNVP (Connecting Natural Values and People) Macedonia (as consultant for private forest owners associations and private forestry in Montenegro) from 2013 - 2014;

13) CNVP Macedonia (as forestry advisor and representative for Montenegro) from 2015;

14) International forest expert, research and communication events and activities (e.g. for IUFRO, WFC, PEFC, CEPF, CNVP, REFORD, etc.).


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