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Based on many years of practical experience in presentations of close-to-nature forest management and demonstrations of its silvicultural techniques (on selected forest examples in Slovenia) to a large number of international forestry groups (starting in early eighties of the former century, particularly after the 18th IUFRO World Congress in 1986), on extensive experiences in the field trainings of forestry students, as well as professional foresters and forest owners, the components of the forest training which the firm is providing, could include:


  1. Familiarization with composition, structure and processes of one or more Dinaric virgin forests, based on scientific sources and some quick analyses carried out by the training participants (e.g. the forest growing stock volume and structure, BHD diameter and tree height structures, composition and structure of forest regeneration, process of natural selection of trees and their quality in young forest development stages under canopy, the deadwood volume and structure); 

  2. Familiarization with neighboring managed forests and their past management practices, using the best but also less good examples; 

  3. Theoretical and practical presentation and joint consideration of key close-to-nature forest management principles used as background for practical trainings; 

  4. Carrying out trainings of various silvicutural techniques of uneven-aged forest management (such as high selective thinning, individual and group selection and/or regeneration felling) with simultaneous care for forest biodiversity conservation (e.g. by leaving large and old trees, special "habitat" trees, "eco-cells" and deadwood, as well as maintaining other species' habitat features) in selected forest stands, using experimental marking of trees for felling after previous sylvicultural analysis; 

  5. Evaluation and joint consideration of the experimental results and summarizing the lessons learned.

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