Forest Consulting and Education, Franc Ferlin s.p.

Forest Consulting and Education,

Franc Ferlin s.p.


BA: Lašče 17, 8361 DvorSlovenia


BRN: 6796354000

GSM (1): +386 41 330 544 (SLO)

GSM (2): +382 67 630 544 (MNE)

Skype name: francferlin




1) Provision of sustainable forest policy, close-to-nature forest management and Natura 2000 forest consulting.


2) Provision of field trainings of close-to-nature forest management and forest biodiversity conservation techniques, based on mimicking natural processes learned from Dinaric virgin forests - the trainings to be carried out in Slovenia or Montenegro. 


3) Provision of professional guiding of country and inter-country study tours through the Dinaric virgin forests and national parks - from Slovenia to Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina to Montenegro and vice versa.    


Target groups for the forest trainings and/or study tours are particularly groups of forestry, nature conservation and other interested professionals, as well as students. 




A specialised, highly professional and renowned company for consulting on sustainable forestry and education of close-to-nature forest management and forest biodiversity conservation techniques, based on Slovenian and ProSilva forestry principles and experiences, while using the Dinaric virgin and well managed forests as learning examples.