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MSc. Franc Ferlin, Forest Consulting and Education

MSc. Franc Ferlin

Forest Consulting and Education

Lašče 17, 8361 Dvor, Slovenia

GSM (1): +386 41 330 544 (SLO, Viber & WhatsUp)

GSM (2): +382 67 630 544 (MNE)

Skype name: francferlin




1) Consulting in sustainable forest policy and legislation, national forestry programmes and forestry sector reforms, as well is in sustainable and close-to-nature forest management, including assessments of sustainability and near-naturalness of forest management interventions and related public relation.

2) Provision of field trainings of close-to-nature forest management and forest biodiversity conservation techniques, based on mimicking natural processes learned from Dinaric virgin forests. 

3) Provision of professional guiding of study tours through the Dinaric virgin forests and national parks - from Slovenia to Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina to Montenegro and vice versa.    

Target groups for the forest trainings and/or study tours are particularly groups of forestry, nature conservation and other interested professionals. 


A highly professional consulting in sustainable forestry and education of close-to-nature forest management, including forest biodiversity conservation, based on Slovenian and Pro Silva forestry principles and experiences, while using the Dinaric virgin and well managed forests as learning examples. 

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