Forest Consulting and Education, Franc Ferlin

Forest policy, management and Natura 2000 consulting

Based on past consultants' experience, the firm is providing the following services:


  1. Development of sustainable forest policies and strategies, forest development programmes and forest management planes in participatory way, assuring resilience of forests against climate change and their multiple functions and/or ecosystem services;

  2. Development of sustainable forest legislation and regulations, including their approximation with EU acquis, in particular EU Timber Regulation (EUTR) and NATURA 2000 Directives;

  3. Development of studies on functioning of forestry sector systems, feasibility of organisational reform models, forest management economics and financing of ecosystem services;

  4. Organisational development and human capacity building of public and private forestry institutions, including forestry business consulting;  

  5. Development of sustainable forest concession or public-private-partnership (PPP) systems;

  6. Development of national criteria and indicators for sustainable forest management and biodiversity conservation including their monitoring systems;

  7. Development of national forest certification standards, consulting in introduction of them and auditing of forest management against the standards (PEFC);

  8. Consulting and auditing related to EUTR and appurtenant due diligence requirements;

  9. Promotion and introduction of digital tracing of wood origin;

  10. Sustainable forestry knowledge transfer and education of forest and nature conservation professionals and forest owners;

  11. Development of multi-purpose and close-to-nature forest management / sylviculture techniques, including techniques for biodiversity and Natura 2000 conservation management, climate change mitigation and forest biomass utilisation;

  12. Integration of biodiversity objectives and measures into forest management plans, development of Natura 2000 management plans, natural resource management plans and assessment of costs of the planned measures. 

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